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  In order begin the process of developing your Email Landing Page you’ll need a hosting provider and domain name.
(Linux Operating System Can Only Be Used)

You can either purchase a domain from a host provider or “point” a domain to the host provider servers if you have domains “parked” at other hosting companies. It’s NOT recommended to use Go Daddy or 1&1 for hosting or “parked” domains. 

We recommend nycheaphosting.com  (Golden Package, $4.95 a month, Purchase Quarterly) to host your ELP.  

Landing pages are customized to the needs of our customers and work in conjunction with the ELP script.
Fee’s usually are between *$135.00 to $165.00 to create, implement the landing page, create a SQL database and install a functioning ELP script the works in conjunction with your Landing Page and the Database Emailer Software.

If you choose to create your own landing page and have us create the SQL database and install a functioning ELP script on your server to work in conjunction with your self-created landing page, the fee is $65.00.

See ELP Self Install Instructions for formatting of the HTML file(s).

Our Philosophy When Developing A Landing Page:

The effectiveness of a landing page is measured by its conversion rate, meaning whoever visits the landing page does whatever it is you want them to do. You may want the visitor to order a product, sign up for your services, register for a newsletter, or just fill out a form. The goal is to get the highest percentage of your visitors to take the desired action.

1. Keep It Simple: Flash and expensive designs are very often the culprit to a low converting landing page.
    Simplify the design utilizing static images and easy to understand language.

2. Continuity: There's nothing worse than clicking on a email message for a product or service you really need,
    only to be navigated to page that doesn’t carry a relevant message to what you are looking for. Make certain
    to maintain the scent through a continuous and consistent message from the email message to the landing page
    to checkout.

3. Calls to Action: Don’t underestimate the power of your calls to action. Colors, placement, size, and text
    on the calls to action throughout the page.

4. Track Your Results: Take advantage and track your email marketing results utilizing your ELP tools.

5. Don’t Let Them Out Of Your Site: What are your users pain points? What makes them tick?
    Knowing your users by targeting your data will help you engage your visitors and persuade them to continue
    through the conversion process.

6. Design: What looks good to you doesn’t always resonate well with visitors. The Landing Page message, theme,
    color scheme should coordinate with what you are trying to accomplish and have a general appeal to all.

Contact Us for a more in-depth overview of your situation and the optimal solution, please leave your phone number,
your website and we'll return to you promptly with a suggested strategy and quote.

Pricing is determined by "add-ons" such as forms, video's or art work that may need to be created.



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